IYENGAR® yoga is a highly accessible form of Hatha yoga devised by BKS Iyengar. Known as Guruji to his followers, he studied, practised and taught yoga continuously for over 70 years. He worked tirelessly to make yoga more accessible around the world.

Iyengar yoga students develop their individual practice progressively, within their own limits, through a systematic series of postures (asanas). Subtle use of props and sequencing ensures safe and accessible yoga practice for all-comers.

IYENGAR yoga focusses on precision and alignment in asanas to ensure grounded and balanced practice. With regular practice, students’ physical and mental well-being can be improved dramatically. Yoga Branch classes are held at The Spearpoint Pavilion hall in Kennington, Ashford - a light and uplifting hall, with views out onto playing fields; and at Maidstone Yoga Centre, a dedicated yoga studio, a tranquil place for you to practice your yoga.

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The Yoga Branch practises Iyengar Yoga
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