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Tom Payne certified IYENGAR yoga teacher
Tom is a certified
IYENGAR® yoga teacher

Tom is a certified IYENGAR® yoga teacher and a dedicated student of yoga. He has practised yoga for 40 years and Iyengar yoga for 13 years. He teaches in Kennington, Ashford, Kent and at a dedicated yoga centre in Maidstone, Kent.

He has previously worked in Social Care, including working with people with psychological challenges and mental illness; and more recently in horticulture and working with green wood. He has a particular interest in the role of yoga in enhancing health, wellbeing and also recovery on physical, psychological and spiritual levels, whatever challenges people face.

Tom Payne certified IYENGAR yoga teacher

He links his work with the soil, plants and greenwood and his work on the yoga mat: with both there comes a grounding and, with careful nurturing, development and growth is achieved in a slow, balanced way.

The IYENGAR yoga classes he teaches are inclusive - Yoga for All. He has found great inspiration from BKS Iyengar’s lifelong dedication to making yoga inclusive rather than exclusive.

IYENGAR yoga is a dynamic type of yoga and these introductory IYENGAR yoga classes are suitable for healthy adults, regardless of stiffness and age. However there are some more serious medical conditions for which these classes would be unsuitable.

Please contact Tom prior to attending to check if these classes would be suitable for you.

Prior to attending, please complete The Health Declaration Form which you can download here.

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